San Antonio

I was lucky enough to get to go on a business trip to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago. I had always wanted to see the Alamo, and I had heard good things about the Riverwalk. San Antonio is a really charming city with great bars, restaurants, and their warm weather in the winter was an added perk! Every margarita I ordered was delicious, but the Tex Mex did not live up to its reputation. I didn’t have a single meal in Texas that wasn’t better (or sometimes as good as) the Mexican food I’ve had elsewhere in the U.S.

The Alamo was cool and free (always an added bonus). I’m still not quite sure what happened at the Alamo, but it was interesting to walk around, see the guns, and hang out with the palm trees. The Riverwalk was my favorite place in San Antonio. It was nonstop restaurants, bars, and shops. At night is was great because there was live music, and all the bars had fun tiki lights. I’m a sucker for tequila, love music, and corny decorations. On the downside, I was definitely in San Antonio too long. This is a city that is meant to be a weekend trip. You can pack it all into two days.

The Alamo

Restaurants Along the Riverwalk

Another Riverwalk picture

A view of the Chamber of Commerce and the Marriot Riverwalk

The best grapefruit I have ever had. Literally.


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