Second Chances

So I did it. I gave overnight oats a second chance, and I liked it! I made it with light vanilla soy milk and vanilla yogurt. I think the vanilla is what made the difference. Previously I made it with regular milk and plain yogurt. Not so good. Not only did I like it, but I was actually full until lunch! Usually I must have a mid-morning snack, and by lunch I am starving. Not so today.

I stirred in strawberries, bananas, and some All-Bran flakes. Yum!

I missed my morning run (I seriously needed that extra hour of sleep), and while I had planned on running at lunch, food won out. I made a quick lunch so I could squeeze in some sun salutations. The organic lentil and vegetable soup from TJ’s is so good. I can’t believe I ate soup on an 80 degree day! ha!

Finally after dinner I went on my run. I ran a little over 5k in 35 minutes. I’m VERY happy with the time and the distance. It was a tough run though. One mile in, I had a mild cramp in my right calf. I also don’t recommend eating a bowl of pasta 30 minutes before a run. I felt sick most of the time. Having a bad run, but surviving with a decent time made me feel good though. I know that I can for sure get through this race on Saturday! I’m so excited for it! I ended the evening with 50 sun salutations. My last workout until my 5k!


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Hummus eating, latte drinking, yoga obsessed runner
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