Trader Joe’s, I love you.

Since moving to Madison a year ago, I’ve been in a serious love affair with Trader Joe’s. I live a few blocks away, am the mayor on Foursquare, and have gone there multiple times in one day.  I went today and bought some new bars. Yay! I’m very excited to try the carrot cake Clif bar. I love carrot cake everything so I hope this bar doesn’t disappoint! I had the cherry pie Larabar for my afternoon snack, and it was so good. I like that it had actual cherries in it.

I picked up some of my Trader Joe’s favorites: organic vanilla yogurt, flax sees, cooked chicken breasts (I love having these on hand for quick meals), organic hummus, carrot ginger muffins, and flattened bananas. If I let myself, I could eat the whole package of flattened bananas. The best!

Today was one of my twelve hours days which are usually rough for me meal-wise. Finally, I planned ahead! For lunch I had carrots with hummus, a banana with Dark Chocolate Dreams, and peanut butter pretzel nuggets. Sometimes I like to have a snacky lunch. I also made myself a wrap with a sliced Gardenburger and veggies for on my drive to the mall.


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2 Responses to Trader Joe’s, I love you.

  1. Love finding Madison local bloggers and I heart TJ’s as well, especially the flattened naners. 🙂 Can’t wait to read more.

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