And there wasn't a carb left in sight

Today started off so innocent with a nice bowl of yogurt with craisins, a banana, and half a crumbled carrot ginger muffin. Then at lunch I had a bagel and some more yogurt.

Oh and then at dinner I went to Olive Garden for their bottomless pasta! Whoa. I’m pretty in love with Olive Garden’s salad dressing so at least there were lots of greens with my carb loading! I polished off my first bowl of pasta with no intentions of eating a second. I asked for a second with the thought of pushing it around on my plate for a few minutes and then getting a box for it. Genius! Two meals for the price of one! Oh wait that only works if you actually remember to take the take-out box home WITH you! Doh! It’s probably better that I forgot it. I don’t really need to eat more carbs tomorrow.

Whole wheat linguine with the 5 cheese marinara. I figured it was healthier than alfredo, but would still satisfy my cheese craving.

About 10 minutes later…

Goodbye second bowl of pasta that was probably thrown away by the waitress. 😦


About Jessica

Hummus eating, latte drinking, yoga obsessed runner
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