6 Years Ago Today

Six years ago today I moved into the dorms to start my freshman year of college. Some of the people I met that day (and the immediate days following) are now my best friends.  I had no idea that I was also beginning my love-hate relationship with food and exercise. Moving to college is stressful, and all you can eat dorm cafeterias mixed with 2am Pizza Shuttle deliveries can only add fuel to the fire. College was a hard time for me when it comes to body image and food. Living in an all-girls residence hall didn’t help. Being surrounded by skinny girls, big girls, girls who eat crap, and girls who eat nothing at all gave me a warped sense of healthy.  I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self that for every 5 lbs. you lose doing a juice cleanse, you’ll gain 10 back. Oh and spending 2 hours on the elliptical is pointless.

Thankfully, I figured all this out now at nearly 25. Better late than never.  Now I can start my day off with a green monster and overnight oats instead of green tea and an apple. I am very grateful for that!

Happy Breakfast!


About Jessica

Hummus eating, latte drinking, yoga obsessed runner
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