I currently have one of the worst colds ever. Tuesday all day I felt fine and even had an ok run. Then at 10 pm I was blindsided with an awful sore throat and headache. Abby had this cold last week so I knew what was coming. Hardly any sleep Tuesday night and I felt like death yesterday. Today really wasn’t any better, but I forced myself to work a half day. I don’t want to use all my time off at work just yet!

I think the worst thing about being sick (well besides feeling like crap) is that I can’t workout. I know it’s all in my head, but I just feel like my body turns to mush if I don’t go to the gym for a couple of days. After a nap, I tried to do a little yoga, but one downward dog and I felt like my head was going to explode. Oh sinus pressure. Do any of you feel frustrated when you can’t workout?

The upside to all of this is that I was home yesterday when AT&T showed up to fix my internet, and I’ve caught up on a lot of tv shows on my DVR. Oh and I’ve slept a lot! I’m under the impression that if I drink as much throat coat tea and gallons of green monsters, I will fight this cold off faster. I guess we’ll find out. When I have a cold, I feel like I crave comfort food the whole time. All I’ve been eating today is cereal, and yesterday I inhaled my leftover risotto. Does that happen to any of you? Chicken noodle soup does not sound good at all. Give me carbs! I don’t know if that’s healthy when you are sick, but it makes me happy.

Meet my team – spinach, tea, and Ricola

This tea might be saving my life.

Even when I’m healthy I could live off this.


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