Pancakes and Pluots

I’m fairly confident that I kicked this cold’s butt so quickly thanks to all the zinc, tea, and green monsters I consumed this week. I woke up this morning feeling GREAT! I also loved the weather I woke up to. Sleeping with the windows open and a great fall breeze is the best. I was able to go for a run this morning too. This was my first run since I got sick, and it felt so good to get moving again. I was worried I was going to turn into jello if I sat around any longer. I was a little overdressed this morning. Under armor plus a long-sleeved tee might have been a bit much. The second half of my run was into the wind. At first I didn’t think I’d be able to keep my pace up running into the wind, but then I realized how wonderful the cool breeze felt and pushed through.

Morning runs feel so good. I feel like I can really conquer the day now! I made Absy and I some pancakes. For me, pancakes are very fall. I wish she liked pumpkin pancakes (hint hint Abs!!) because those are my favorite. Trader Joe’s sells a great multi-grain pancake mix that I stirred some flax seeds into. Green monsters are my go-to recovery drink lately too. What am I saying…green monsters have been my breakfast, snack, and post-workout drink. ha!

I work today at the mall, but I plan on doing some serious goal setting tonight and making an inspiration board. I used to make them in college to hang above my desk, but those were school or weight loss related. This one will have a much more positive message behind it!

Do you do goal setting or have an inspiration board?


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