Inspire Me

Goal setting has always been important to me. You have to decide what it is you are working for or how will you know you have accomplished anything? Yes, I run for fun and fitness, but I set goals in terms of mileage and races. If I don’t have a running goal, I’m more likely to slack off. The same goes for yoga. I go to yoga for several reasons, but one of my goals is to one day be a certified yoga teacher.

I’ve been doing goal setting and creating inspiration boards and cards for a long time. My dad is a swim coach and always emphasizes the importance of setting personal distance and time goals with his swimmers. In high school I would write my academic goals on index cards and hang them in my locker, on my desk at home, and I even taped one above my steering wheel in my car. Having constant reminders that I would get 4’s on my AP tests, get a 4.0, etc. helped keep my focused on why I was working so hard. This drive and goal setting partially backfired for me in college. In college I would write my goal weight or unrealistic calorie goals on index cards. My goals were thin related and not healthy or realistic. I also created “thinspiration” boards that in the end only made me feel worse.  This is the first time in a long time that I created an inspiration board that is truly inspirational. I can’t wait to hang it up in my room so I can see it everyday.

If  I don’t believe in my success then no one will.

When I played college rugby, I developed horrible stress fractures in both my lower legs. Ever since, I’ve had a fear of getting hurt or injuring myself.

I have a long list of goals both long and short-term, but here are a couple of short-term goals that I’m willing to share:

  • Run Crazylegs in the spring of 2011
  • Run the Chicago Rock N Roll half marathon in the summer of 2011
  • Get up the strength and courage to do side crow before the end of 2010
  • Blog everyday
  • Save more money

About Jessica

Hummus eating, latte drinking, yoga obsessed runner
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2 Responses to Inspire Me

  1. I’ve always wanted to run crazy legs but something has always come up that weekend! Maybe 2011 will be my year too!

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