New! New! New!

Today is exciting! I could hardly fall asleep last night (I’m such a dork). This morning I went to the new Bliss Flow yoga studio by my apartment, wore my new yoga pants, and went to a new food cart for lunch!

I had a not so yummy green monster and a couple bites of a Cliff bar for breakfast numero uno, and headed to my class. I used a little too much protein powder and not enough soy milk. It was like sludge. I’m not the sharpest at 5 am! I was very excited for this class because the teacher was my favorite teacher at a different studio. Because it was the opening day of their new studio, they gave us all ginger peach muffins and tea. The studio was gorgeous, and I met the owner who was very excited to meet me because I was the first student to walk through the doors on opening day. It was an exciting morning!


My sludgy awful GM and my yummy breakfast from Bliss Flow 🙂

For lunch I walked to the Good Food cart near my office. They opened a couple of months ago, but somehow it’s taken me this long to try it out. It’s right on campus so Abby met me for lunch. I had the sweet thai chili wrap with chicken and Abby had the Greek wrap. For $7 you can make it a meal so I added a banana and a reduced fat chocolate milk. The milk was a little sweet for me, but I needed the calcium.

Check out all that spinach!!


Do you think I brought enough muffins to work? I’m always paranoid about being hungry when I work long days.

I hope you are all having fabulous Tuesday! Isn’t it nice to start the week on Tuesday?


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2 Responses to New! New! New!

  1. nichole says:

    That wrap looks really tasty! Thanks for checking out the Good Food cart – I’ve been curious about it but it’s not on the List yet.

    • jessicavogel says:

      It was great, and I only had to wait a couple of minutes for my food. Most of the wraps can be made into salads too.

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