Maybe I'll Count Sheep

Oh my. It was another early morning after not enough sleep. However, it felt great to have a 5k in before breakfast! Abby is a great running buddy, and I’m glad she was with me this morning. I know I ran faster because she was with me! To re-fuel from our awesome run (34 minutes flat – my fastest 5k yet!), I made us chocolate green monsters and oatmeal. I just use chocolate milk instead of soy milk in the green monster. Chocolate milk helps me recover from my runs, and I was craving something a little different in my daily monster. I stirred some cashew butter, banana, and flax seeds into my oatmeal. I could barely finish it. Sometimes I have a hard time eating a lot right after a run. I forced myself to eat most of it though otherwise I get famished before lunch.

For lunch I picked up some chicken patties from TJ’s. I filled a pita with the chicken, some sliced grape tomatoes, fresh basil, and a little shredded mozzarella. I made a cup of balsamic vinaigrette to dip them into. I’m still hungry though. Thank goodness I still have chocolate zucchini muffins and an apple at my desk. Running makes me so hungry all day long!

I keep saying that I’m going to try to get more sleep, but I don’t make a conscious effort to do so. I get into bed at night and turn on the tv and get sucked into E! or Bravo until nearly midnight. However, I have a difficult time falling asleep without the tv on, but maybe I should start counting sheep. One of my goals is to start consistently getting 8 hours of sleep. It’s kind of sad that I have to make sleep a goal, but it is what it is.  Right now I’m exhausted and I work until close tonight at the mall.  I can’t keep doing this, or I’m going to get sick. If I don’t reach my goal of getting more sleep, my goal to run a half-marathon and to practice yoga twice a week isn’t going to happen either. Sleep is my foundation. I’m getting serious about sleep and it starts today!

Do you sleep 8 hours a night? What are your tips for nights that you have a difficult time falling asleep?


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