Goal Week

Lululemon had Goal Week September 2nd-8th. They had great tweets, Facebook chats with goal catchers, and they posted videos, stories, and tips. I’m a sucker for inspirational, self-help, and self-improvement posts, books, etc. It has had me thinking about my goals and how to attain them. I made an inspiration board this past Saturday, and I’ve been putting a lot of my goals on paper. I think the biggest thing is to share your goals with other people because not only does it hold you accountable, but it creates an amazing support system around you. I used to keep my goals a secret. I was scared that if I failed, I’d be embarrassed. I was also just scared to admit that I wanted to be a runner or have a blog. When I first shared  that I wanted to run a 5k, I really was trying to force myself to follow through. Sharing your goals makes you more likely to keep trying to attain them. What I didn’t expect was that my family and friends would cheer me on. Not just on race day, but throughout my training my support system was encouraging me when I struggled and congratulating me when training went well. I’m applying that same “strategy” to some of my other goals:

  • Run a 10k before winter
  • Run a half marathon (I’m looking at the Chicago Rock N’ Roll Half)
  • Go to yoga twice a week when my work schedule allows
  • Learn to knit a hat (all I know how to knit is a scarf) by Christmas
  • Blog at least once a day
  • Find a new part-time job in a health or fitness related industry by November 1st

I like to have goals that fall into all three categories of my life: personal, health, and career. All aspects of my life deserve goals and continuous growth. If my career is stagnant and not going well, then the rest of my life is probably going to feel lackluster as well.

Even though Lululemon’s Goal Week is over, I still have goals to plan. I don’t think I ever stop setting goals or changing my goals. Here’s Goal Week in a nutshell:

  1. Think about the importance of goal setting, why you want to set new goals, and why you maybe have failed on meeting your goals in the past. What exactly is a goal? Why do we set goals?
  2. Dream big. What’s your ideal life in 5 years? 10 years? I’m pretty sure I’ll be teaching yoga somewhere between 5-10 years.
  3. Set your goals. Write them out on paper. On my inspiration board, I wrote a couple of my big goals down. The board hangs in my bedroom so I see it when I wake up, while I’m getting ready, and before I go to sleep. It’s a constant reminder of several of my goals. I also have a goal sheet where I have outlined a few major goals for 1 year out, 5 years, and 10 years.  Be simple with your goals: I will run a marathon. I will eat healthy. Set your goals in the positive. Rather than saying you will quit eating junk food, say that you will eat healthier. Positive goals are easier to keep and they are more inspiring. For most goals, you should give yourself a timeline or deadline. I say most because not all goals need them. One of my major goals is to consistently get 8 hours of sleep a night. I work a lot so I actually have to make sleep a priority AND a goal! However, I’m not going to say that by September 30th I will sleep 8 hours a night. It’s one of my continuous goals.
  4. Share your goals. Some of your goals might be scary to share, but once you share them you will have people rooting for you! Plus you will be holding yourself accountable.
  5. It’s ok to fail. Embrace your failures and learn from them.

Some great blog posts on goal setting:

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Top 10 Ways I Goal Set – This one is my favorite. I love arts and crafts!


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