Sunday Fitness Funday

Not having to get up and go to job #1 or #2 today was a great feeling. I slept until 9 am! When did sleeping till 9 become sleeping late? I’m not ready to be old yet! I leisurely ate my breakfast of greek yogurt, toast with cinnamon and sugar, and an apple while basking in the sun pouring into my windows. I felt kind of lazy though knowing that Iron Man was happening right outside my apartment. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to compete in Iron Man. The thought of running just a marathon exhausts me, but then to throw in all the biking and swimming…no thanks! Since all those people can run a marathon, bike 100 miles, and swim across Lake Monona, I figure the least I could do is go to yoga and get a run in!

Whenever I eat toast with cinnamon and sugar, I feel like a kid again!

I had an AMAZING yoga practice today. I usually leave class feeling pretty fabulous, but today felt even better. My body is getting so much stronger. Just in this last week, I feel myself holding poses with more ease and finding my balance. After yoga, I was straight up famished! I picked up some frozen sweet potato gnocchi from TJ’s the other day. It was exactly what I needed to fuel up for my afternoon run. Speaking of my afternoon run…wow it is hard to map out a fun run when 80% of your neighborhood is taken over by a race! Thank goodness for Dailymile! I was able to map out a decent run, and get a couple of miles in. I caught a few glimpses of the Iron Man folks too! I thought about this a lot last night, and I don’t know if I am going to use my original training schedule for my 10k. The race is October 30th, and I think it was a little too aggressive for me. I still have a 5k this month, and a whole month in between my two races. Training too hard takes the fun out of it. I run for fun (and health), but if I start to dread my runs, then I should just quit and find something else. I don’t want to not like running! I know that if I keep running at MY pace, and not the pace and schedule of a training schedule created by a stranger, I WILL run my 10k in October.  Now it’s off to Whole Foods to pick up ingredients for dinner. What will we find…I’m hoping ingredients for tacos!

I ate this so fast I barely enjoyed it. Yoga makes me so hungry!

Oh! I hadn’t mentioned it in a while, but I had signed-up for the Sun Salutations Challenge on Social Workout. Today was day 28 (the last day of the challenge), and I finished! 🙂 Today has been a GREAT day for fitness! Yoga, a decent run, and finished my challenge. I’m looking through the challenges on Social Workout seeing if any others pique my interest.

Have you ever competed in Iron Man? Would you ever consider it?


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