Good Food And Good Rest

Seriously, I’m exhausted. Driving 10 hours roundtrip for a 6 hour conference wiped me out. My right leg is messed up from driving too…sore knee, tight muscles, and my hip just feels out of whack. The sad thing is I’m driving to Milwaukee today for a conference tomorrow. The good thing is, I have lots of friends there and am staying at my best friend’s condo instead of a hotel (Thanks Mags!). I put zero effort into breakfast and sadly I’m going to spend most of my lunch packing for tomorrow.

Pumpkin butter put a little smile on my grouchy face this morning

My running schedule is officially on pause until Friday. I didn’t run yesterday and the way my hip feels I’m not running today. Tomorrow is going to be so busy, I’ll be happy if I get 30 minutes on the AMT or elliptical when I get back to Madison. Right now my body just needs some good food and some good rest. However, if time permits I’m definitely going to stroll along Lake Michigan tonight! 🙂

Good Food soup and bread. Yum!

I created an awesome challenge on Social Workout today. It will end on my 25th birthday which I find very appropriate. The challenge is titled “Eat Pray Run,” and you have to eat 50 healthy meals, run 50 miles, and meditate (mini meditation) 28 times in 4 weeks (28 days). Running 50 miles sounds daunting at first but that’s only 12.5 miles a week and less than 2 miles a day. It covers three things that are important to me: consistently eating healthy, running more, and controlling stress. You have until tomorrow to join the challenge!


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One Response to Good Food And Good Rest

  1. Hope you get all rested up! I visited a friend in Milwaukee this summer and we went to a FABULOUS Turkish restaurant called Tulip. So fun!

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