Bark Twice If You're In Milwaukee

This last business trip was part business and part pleasure. I went to Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, and I have several friends still living there. When the opportunity came to attend a conference in Milwaukee, I jumped at the chance. I love Milwaukee and it’s always a foodcation for me! I know two days after a post on healthy eating while on the road, I have a post about a foodcation. No, I’m not a hypocrite. There is a time and place to allow yourself to indulge. A business trip in Minnesota was not the time or place, but dinner and cocktails with my best friends from college is!

The first thing I did in Milwaukee was order a ginger berry punch from Palms Bistro. The ginger flavor made it a great fall drink. For dinner I had an amazing steak salad. I rarely eat steak so this was a real treat. After dinner I drove over to Pizza Shuttle for ice cream. Ice cream from a pizza shop? Yes and it’s delish. Ice cream and gossip are a good combination! 🙂

I attended an amazing conference on sustainable behavior and community based social marketing. Discussing energy, water and waste efficiency programs is fascinating enough for me, but then also discussing how to encourage and motivate people to participate was even more interesting. This conference was a day well spent, and the knowledge I gained will be useful throughout my career. They also had great food! For breakfast I had a bagel with fresh fruit. My lunch choice was salmon with a cream sauce, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and a creme brulee with mixed berries. It was so much food, but delicious.

After the conference, I headed down into the Third Ward to check out Lululemon!! I’d never been to a store before so this was exciting!! I had to show some serious restraint and not kill my checking account. I bought a super cool water bottle that I can write my goals on in Sharpie and a pink headband. My hair is always getting in my face when I run and in yoga. I wanted about $1000 worth of clothes. Oh and Madison friends, I talked to the owner and she knows who is going to open the Madison showroom. They are hoping to open soon (she said they were hoping October/November) and they are just looking to secure a location. Exciting!!

Before heading back to Madison, I went to my favorite seafood restaurant in Milwaukee, Molly Cools. I tried something different this time and had the lobster roll. It was ok. There was a little too much mayo and the Texas toast couldn’t really hold it. The french fries were a little soggy too. The beer (Spotted Cow) and the conversation were good! I miss having dinners with Catie and Maggie. Dinner with them is always great regardless of the food. 🙂

I had planned on hitting the gym as soon as I returned to Madison. Here I am, curled up on my couch in sweats writing a post. The gym isn’t happening. I do feel a little guilty for eating poorly today and not working out. Working out and eating well makes me feel good, but sometimes I need a little break and to give into my cravings. There’s always tomorrow.

Do you ever take a foodcation?


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