Where did fall go?

It’s Thursday which means my alarm should have gone off at 5 am, and I should have been warming up in child’s pose at 6 am. My alarm went off at 7 because that’s what I set it for. I decided to spend a few more hours sleeping and practicing yoga on my own…in savasana for a few hours! Somehow I still managed to run out of time this morning, and had to take my oatmeal on the go. Get up at 5am for a work-out, not a problem. Get up at 7 am to be out the door by 7:50, problem! Also, where did fall go? I actually woke up this morning before my alarm because my room was so WARM. What? No thanks, summer. I thought we had an amicable break-up, and you knew I was with fall now.

Whipped banana oatmeal with flax seeds and some chocolate peanut butter

Lunch today was with one of my oldest friends. Lindsay and I have been friends since junior high and with the exception of college we have been eating lunch together since we were 13. Yeah, we go way back! We both live in Madison now, and she is attending law school at UW. We are both super busy, but try to meet up for lunch once in awhile. Today we went to Cosi.

Sig. Salad Light with whole grain flatbread

There is a pretty good chance I have the best sister ever. For my 25th birthday (which is in three weeks), she bought me an iPod shuffle!! I’ve been running with my full size iPod and an armband, but my armband is kind of uncomfortable. She gave it to me early so that I can use it during the race on Sunday. Oh and it’s pink and engraved. 🙂 Isn’t she the best? I totally forgot to take a picture of it (I was shocked she bought it for me) so when I get home from work I will post a picture of it.

Other exciting news – the Madison Groupon today is a 5 class pack at Kaivalya Yoga for $29! It’s the studio I used to practice at, but for $6 a class I’ll definitely go back and visit. It’s a beautiful studio with floor to ceiling windows over looking campus, and it is closer to my office than the studio I currently practice at. Namaste!


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