Paycheck Effect

It’s pay day which apparently means I’m going to spend more money. Yay? I read on Savvy Sugar this morning about the “paycheck effect,” and I’m pretty sure it’s true for me. My yoga studio sent me a thank you with a $20 offer in it and I bought a 10 class pass…the day after I bought a 5 class pass at my old studio on Groupon. I now have more yoga classes then I know what to do with. I guess that isn’t really a problem though. To add to this supposed “paycheck effect,” I do typically go to Whole Foods on pay day. Oh well. A girl needs yoga and healthy food, right? Necessities.

Breakfast was cinnamon toast, greek yogurt, and fruit & veggie leather. I’m not sure if I liked this leather. By the end of it, the taste had grown on me. I might give it a second try.

Lunch was the Whole Foods salad bar. It was a pretty amazing salad. I loaded it up with field greens, spinach, steamed kale, chicken salad, mixed grains, edamame, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, walnuts, red cabbage, broccoli, walnuts, dried cranberries, feta (not enough though), and balsamic vinegar. Nom nom nom!

It was like smoothie Christmas. This was on sale for $18.99! Woot! I can’t wait to throw a scoop of it into my smoothies.

I’m really hoping Abby’s blister is better by the time I get home tonight. I want to get one last run in before Sunday…and I want to run with my awesome new shuffle. 🙂

Keep you eyes open for an awesome giveway on here this weekend. I’m super excited about it!

Do you believe in the paycheck effect? Is it true for you?


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