Chocolate Milk Muscles

Woke up at 7 am on a brisk fall morning and put on my hot pink shorts and comfy running shoes.  We ran the Henry Vilas Zoo Run Run 5k. It was Abby’s first 5k, my second, and our first race together. I made some killer smoothies and had two pumpkin muffins. Then we hit the road and walked over to the zoo.

The Zoo Run Run was very fun but very hilly. The hills were brutal, but somewhere we pulled out a 30:28 time. We had a good time walking around the zoo before the race hanging out with all the animals.

See the pain in my face from those hills?

We are all going to run the race next year.

We packed a post-race goodie bag of chocolate milk and bananas. Chocolate milk makes a great recovery drink because it is packed full of nutrients. Abby and  I drink it after our killer runs or we make our smoothies with it. Did you know that some school cafeterias are getting rid of chocolate milk? Isn’t that crazy? It’s funny because I actually drink it because it’s healthy! Check out this comparison below and Chocolate Milk Has Muscle:

Now here is the AWESOME giveaway I’ve been talking about! The awesome folks at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board have t-shirts for me to giveaway to three readers. Leave a comment by Tuesday at noon CST, and I’ll randomly pick three winners. And check out their website, there are some pretty interesting statistics about milk consumption and kids.

Oh and check out Abby’s and mine awesome chocolate milk muscles. It would make Grandpa proud!


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8 Responses to Chocolate Milk Muscles

  1. Landis Cleveland says:

    Jess!!! I had no clue you had your on blogsite, looove it! The race looked fun as well…Btw another good thing to munch on after a good workout is PB & J sammich..mainly the the PB because of the protein, the J is jus for a nice additional flavor 😛 Buuut that is kinda sucky they are getting rid of choco. milk in schools :/ Anyhoots enough of this jibber jabber, haha! I hope all is well, MISS YOU!

  2. Tim Kuckuk says:

    Way to go Jess! You beat my PB in a 5k. Although, I have only ran one. I have another one coming in a couple weeks, but haven’t trained at all since the half marathon in the beginning of August.

    WAR Chocolate Milk 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      My goal is to do the Rock N Roll 1/2 in Chicago next summer. What 5k are you running? I’m sure you will do fine. Good luck!!

  3. Jordan P says:

    Milk is the greatest, and I LOVE that image of how it compares to the other drinks!

  4. susitravl says:

    We love chocolate milk. If that’s the only way I can get my kids to drink enough milk in a day, then they will get it with chocolate.

  5. Dawn Lemirand-Poepping says:

    Hi! I just heard from your dad about the giveaway. When he saw me drinking chocolate milk at school, the first thing he said was that I should post on your blog about how much I love chocolate milk! I usually drink it after I run every day, but since I sprained my ankle while training for my first 10k, and can’t run for another week, I moved it to my lunchtime with the students. It not only tastes great, but it also gives me some extra energy to help pick me out of my afternoon slump. Have a great day!

  6. Allison says:

    Congrats!!! Great job!!! I hope to do a 5k sometime this year!

  7. Kelly says:

    Yay, congrats on the run! If I was a runner, the Zoo Run Run would be one I would definitely want to do!

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