Setbacks suck. It’s difficult to look at them any other way. I’ve previously mentioned the problems I’ve been having with my ankle and also my shin splints, and now I’m over a week behind on my 10k training schedule. Is it still doable? Yes. Do I feel like if I don’t run this 10k, I suck? Um…yes. Do I know that’s ridiculous? Yes. I know I’m a crazy person, and I’m working on it. Long story short – I am in a funk, my friends. I’m in a poor me, life is hard, pouty-faced funk.

Things that will hopefully get me out of this bad mood:

  1. I start my job at T9 tonight!! Everyone I have met there has been fantastic. They are all so nice and upbeat. It’s also super close to my apartment so when I get out of work tonight I’ll be home in 10 minutes instead of 20!
  2. My yoga practice is going very well. I feel my body getting so much stronger, and I’m holding difficult poses longer.
  3. I’m going to my parents’ tomorrow to do some laundry, take advantage of their beautiful kitchen, and see my grandma.

Breakfast this morning was whipped banana oatmeal with leftover applesauce from last night


Lunch was Qdoba. Abby and I had a coupon we’ve been meaning to use, and who doesn’t love tacos?


Do you get down on yourself when you get injured? What do you do to get out of a bad mood?


About Jessica

Hummus eating, latte drinking, yoga obsessed runner
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2 Responses to Setbacks

  1. Turn that frown upside down, little camper! You’re much better you are already, right? I have every faith that you’re going to dominate that 10K. And, if you don’t, at least you’ll have tried (which is more than I can say for my lazy-assed self.)

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks Alex! I’m hoping to get back in my running shoes next week and see if I can get back into training or not. I’m starting to feel less pouty. We need to do a knitting tweet-up sometime!!

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