For lunch yesterday, my boss took me out for sushi to celebrate my birthday. We went to Takara which is not only my favorite place for sushi in Madison, but happens to be on State St. (many dessert options…keep reading).

Spicy tuna is my favorite

After lunch we walked down to the Chocolate Shoppe for ice cream. I typically get green tea or cookie dough ice cream, but while scanning the flavors I saw pumpkin ice cream. Then next to it….pumpkin ice cream with gingersnap cookie dough! It was like the Chocolate Shoppe knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday! Oh and it was amazing. I plan on going back and buying a pint of it to take home!

Say hello to Snap-o-Lantern…the most delicious ice cream ever. Yeah I said it.

Somehow after all of that I was still hungry so I enjoyed a couple pumpkin cookies at my desk. I had to work last night at Title 9, but afterward Abby and I went out for limeades at Sonic. It was like old times. 🙂 I was super tired this morning so my breakfast was quickly thrown together and scarfed down at my desk. I hate eating breakfast at work. It’s not relaxing at all, and I like to enjoy my meals.

For lunch I headed to Starbucks to use my birthday drink coupon. My favorite drink at Starbuck’s is the Earl Grey tea latte. I don’t think I have met anyone yet that likes it, but I’m in love with it. I went home and heated up a frozen meal from Trader Joe’s. It wasn’t too bad, and I’ll definitely buy it again.

My parents and grandma are coming to Madison tonight to go out to dinner. I’m so excited to see them and go out for a nice meal!


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2 Responses to Snap-o-Lantern

  1. Sounds like a perfectly lovely birthday – food-wise anyway. 🙂

    My dog’s birthday was yesterday. He got to have doggie ice cream in both sweet potato and peanut butter flavors as well as a cupcake shaped dog treat that was “iced” with some kind of sweet carob icing. He was in a dog-treat coma afterward.

    Where are you going for dinner tonight?

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