A Good Day Off

Usually when I use personal time at work it’s because I am sick, have a doctor appointment, or am going out of town. Today I took the day off to do NOTHING. Oh yeah, it was amazing. Sadly, I didn’t sleep late. Instead I decided to hit the gym early while the college kiddos were still sleeping off their Thirsty Thursday. I love when I get to be in an empty gym. 🙂

I rewarded myself for my early workout with a trip to Bradbury’s. The first thing I saw when I walked up to the counter was a Nutella muffin. They had me at Nutella.

When the muffin was baked, the Nutella became a crispy and chewy topping. So good.

Abs had a raspberry scone

After power cleaning my apartment, I did a little shopping and had a chakra balancing massage. I really needed a massage, too. I’ve been hunching over my desk at work so my shoulders and neck were a wreck. I made a green monster for the road, and I used half a scoop of chocolate protein powder and half a scoop of peanut flour. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that sooner.

Abby and I have lived in Madison for over a year, and Flat Top Grill is five minutes away. Tonight was our first time going there. I regret waiting so long! It was freaking amazing. The roti bread was delicious, and who doesn’t love a build your own stir fry?

Cookies from Whole Foods

Today was a great day off and a good start to the weekend. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Wisconsin vs. Ohio State and I have friends from Milwaukee coming to town! I also plan on putting my sweet new food processor to good used!


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