Mmm Sangria

If there are two things I’m crushing on right now, they are Badger football and sangria. Maybe ice cream too. I always love ice cream though so that might not count. Mags came into town for my birthday, and after a delicious dinner at PF Changs we came back to my apartment made sangria, ate many desserts, and are currently watching the Badger game. Side note – Badgers, please don’t eff this up. You can’t be up 21-0 and then lose. I don’t have the emotional stamina for that. Update: YAY! Badgers!!! Kicked Ohio State’s butt! What’s a Buckeye anyways?

Now here is the easiest Sangria ever (okay maybe not the easiest ever because you could buy pre-made in a bottle):

  • 2 bottles of Shiraz or Merlot
  • 1 bottle of blood orange soda
  • Large glass

There is something so classy about Two Buck Chuck

Not as good as Termini’s or Corropolese’s, but good enough.


GO BADGERS!! ESPN just said Madison is the best college town! 🙂


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