Fun Running Found Again

A Sunday blog post on a Monday morning. Why? Because yesterday was a “I’m relaxing and not even logging into WordPress or Google Reader kind of day.” It was glorious. After the amazing Badger game on Saturday night, I finished my wine and passed out fell asleep. When my alarm went off (who sets an alarm on the weekends?), my body just wanted to go for a run. I obliged. However, I didn’t bring a watch and I didn’t glance at the clock when I left. I didn’t even have a route in mind. I just ran, and when I started to feel a little hungry I turned around and headed home. It was very no pressure, and I loved it. I had been concentrating so much on how fast I was running, what my pace was, and constantly trying for negative splits. It had taken the fun out of running. Sunday morning, I found fun running again. Thank goodness.

When I came home, I made smoothies for Mags and myself, and lounged around until yoga.

My nails match the new yoga tank Maggie bought me for my birthday!

Here’s a suggestion – don’t go running and to a vinyasa flow yoga class all before noon. My feet cramped up and my legs were like jelly. It was still a great class though, and we did some much needed core work. However, I will never ever go for a run before yoga.

All this working out created quite an appetite. This required a Whole Foods salad bar visit.

I also picked up this new tea drink, Sokenbicha. It’s ok, and it was on sale. I don’t know if it will replace my kombucha habit, but I will probably buy it again.

The rest of the day was spent at my parents, laying on the couch watching football and baseball. The life! Oh and this might have happened too…

Did you all have a relaxing weekend? Happy Monday!


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Hummus eating, latte drinking, yoga obsessed runner
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