Whole Foods Makes Me Happy

This was my mid-morning snack. Don’t let the picture fool you. I did not put that chocolate peanut butter on the banana. I ate it separately. Straight out of the package. Like a child.

Dear Justin, you make delicious peanut butter.

At lunch I took Abby to Whole Foods because she was in need of some salad bar action. While she was creating a monster of a salad (it was almost two pounds!), I stumbled upon this surprise

GT’s is back!!!!!

Chobani on sale 5 for $5

Two pounds of salad goodness

I was very jealous of Abby’s lunch since I was eating leftovers from my birthday dinner last week. Howevs, the leftover lasagna heated up well. I think it might have been even better the second time around.

But don’t worry. I had some Whole Foods goodness for dinner on my way to T9.

Smoked mozzarella, tomato, pesto, and lettuce on whole wheat. This might replace my usually turkey sandwich from WF. Even though they take all my money, Whole Foods makes me happy. 🙂



About Jessica

Hummus eating, latte drinking, yoga obsessed runner
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