Developing a Carb Addiction

I can’t get enough of the muffins I made. The fresh cranberries make such a difference in terms of flavor and texture.

I also tried the vanilla cinnamon tea from Trader Joe’s this morning (yay for holiday teas)!

And another muffin for my mid-morning snack

There are some foods that are better as leftovers. The mac and cheese I made last night is one of those dishes. I like the texture so much more when it’s reheated. There’s something about reheated pasta bakes…

And you better believe I also had a few handfuls of pb pretzel nuggets and some spoonfuls of cherry chocolate chip

I was very prepared today. I also packed a lunch to eat on my way to T9 tonight (turkey and cheese on wheat, granola bar, and apple), and I even packed my gym bag. While there is no guarantee that after a 12 hour work day I will want to go to the gym, there is a better chance I will go if I have a bag packed in my car.

Work was painfully slow tonight. However, there was a sweet surprise when I showed up. Hilldale Mall just got a Gigi’s Cupcakes, and they brought us some treats. They are a chain bakery, but I had a couple bites of a chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes. It was pretty good. Sweets two days in a row! I’m so spoiled!

These cupcakes are a whole lot of frosting.

Like I’ve said in the past, good intentions count for something. After work I was tired, cold, and a little hungry. So those good intentions turned into this

Flannel pjs, flannel sheets, and my cozy down comforter

I’m curling up with my blankets and a cup of candy cane green tea (I can’t get enough of it). Not going to lie, I’m also going to eat another muffin. I said that I can’t get enough!


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Hummus eating, latte drinking, yoga obsessed runner
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